About VMAC

VMAC is an award-winning, world-leader in the development of compact, powerful truck mounted mobile air compressor solutions used for service trucks, public works, utilities, highway/heavy construction, oil and mining.

VMAC engineers and manufactures systems featuring high-powered, rotary screw, air-on-demand technology including 70cfm/150cfm UNDERHOOD air compressors, 40cfm/60cfm PREDATAIR hydraulic-driven air compressors, 60cfm RAPTAIR stand-alone diesel drive air compressors and the RAPTAIR-MF Multifunction Diesel Drive.

VMAC’s success comes from working with customers to determine their air compressor needs and then surpassing those needs with unparalleled quality, innovation and customer service. Regularly introducing new and innovative products ensures VMAC remains the leader in truck mounted mobile air compressor technology.


VMAC, a Division of Mangonel Investments Corporation, is situated on almost 8 acres of land, in the middle of a lush Cedar tree forest approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

The building space totals almost 33,000 square feet and houses departments focusing on Research & Development, Engineering, Production, Inventory Management, Marketing, Sales and Finance.

Our Team

The VMAC team is lead by President, Jim Hogan and consists of an international Dealer Network and sales force, innovative engineering and design crew, manufacturing and service specialists, plus high caliber administration and management professionals. The rapid growth of VMAC has caused a workforce expansion to approximately 100 full and part-time employees, all highly trained in their important roles at VMAC.

Company History

The company was founded in Kitchener, Ontario, when two school friends, Tony Menard and Jim Hogan, decided that their entrepreneurial ideas required additional working capital. So, they decided to open their own machine shop. On August 8, 1986, VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors) was incorporated under the name of Mangonel Corporation.

By 1988, VMAC had become specialized in the manufacture of UNDERHOOD mounting brackets for truck-mounted air compressors. In 1990, Tony moved the company to his native hometown, Nanaimo, British Columbia. Jim had decided to stay in Ontario instead of moving with Tony but four years later, he rejoined the business.

By 1996, the company had designed and introduced an electronic throttle control to complement its product range. VMAC Throttle Commander products are currently used on most popular light-duty work trucks for the construction, tire service truck, utility, emergency equipment, mining, forestry, and agriculture industries.

Beginning in 1997, Tony realized that reciprocating compressors UNDERHOOD would not be viable in future aerodynamic truck designs. In September 1997, VMAC introduced a new mobile air solution that would revolutionize the industry – the UNDERHOOD VR7000 (a.k.a. VR70) rotary screw air compressor system.

VMAC continued to expand its VR70 and Throttle Commander product base over the next few years. And in 2002, VMAC once again amazed the mobile compressed air industry by introducing the VR150, doubling the output of the VR70 while remaining UNDERHOOD. The power of this unit allowed VMAC to compete with tow-behind portable air compressors.

Several years ago Lincoln Electric, a leader in welding system manufacturing, approached VMAC to build a product that would compliment a welder application to meet the needs of its customers. After some initial evaluation, the Research and Design Department at VMAC took the project on and introduced a product that worked directly with the Lincoln system. The Air Vantage 500 combined the functions of a Welder, Generator and Air Compressor. This product design helped VMAC make advances in other product developments.

In 2004, VMAC set out on an aggressive customer-focused research campaign, to find its next great product line. Utilizing the knowledge gained from the research and experience gained from manufacturing UNDERHOOD Air Compressor systems for ten years, VMAC developed the world’s lightest and smallest above deck hydraulic powered air compressor system. The powerful PREDATAIR60 Hydraulic Air Compressor System took VMAC from a niche supplier of UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems to a supplier in a mainstream market whereby many companies compete for market share. The launch in 2005 was one of the most exciting launches VMAC has ever seen.

In July 2010, VMAC was deeply saddened by the loss of president Tony Menard in an accident. Jim Hogan took over as president of the company, which rallied to carry on the founder’s vision.

About Our Company Founder

VMAC continues to deliver application solutions to a broad spectrum of the market and is encouraged that other manufactures are following their lead in the area of UNDERHOOD technology. With thousands of installations world-wide and the development of new and innovative products, VMAC will continue to lead the mobile compressed air industry into the future…

Company Vision

The trusted first name in mobile compressed air and multi-power solutions.